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This is a ten lesson manual designed to teach and train leaders and intercessors to revitalize prayer groups and move further into God’s anointing in corporate prayer. Each lesson includes a teaching, life illustrations and practical tips.

The supplemental workbook includes chapter review and questions, prayers, activities and much more on each lesson.

Author: Sharilynn Hunt, DMin


Lesson 1

With One Accord
As we pray together through the storms of life, learn to be of one accord under God's anointing to bring positive results.

Lesson 2

Corporate Intercession
Unite to unlock the unlimited potential of God's will in corporate prayer. Learn to use different kinds of intercessors in your group and how we all need one another to finish the task.

Lesson 3

Favor of the King
God uses 'ordinary' people to get extraordinary results. Esther, through prayer, saved a nation. Understand how to pray for the nations.

Lesson 4

We are Worshipers
Using praise, worship and weapons of warfare, learn how active, exciting, progressive prayers bring breakthrough revelation.

Lesson 5

Being in Position
Understand how being in the right position for your day will facilitate God's divine purposes and plans to realize victorious outcomes.
Prayer Workbook

Lesson 6

Prophetic Intercession
Build your ability to pray in prophetic intercession as you learn to hear God and decree His will and word over the land.

Lesson 7

Spiritual Warfare
Demonstrate the weapons of warfare in prayer to become victorious over situations.

Lesson 8

Developing a Prayernet
Learn to rebuild the walls of prayer to protect your neighborhood and community as did Nehemiah.

Lesson 9

Thy Kingdom Come
Understand your ability to pray in the kingdom of God over our land provided by His grace -- not practice false religion as did the Pharisees.

Lesson 10

Thy Will be Done
Reveal the power of God's healing by reviewing powerful examples found in God's Word.